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12/11 Updated weapons used by British Empire.
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Here is my website dedicated to weapons in this here i will put as much info as i can find on weapons thoughout history. Beginning form 8000 BCE to current times . I will go through the Neolithic period, Classical era, Post Classical, ect... There are a varitey of things to do on this website.

You can look at pictures of weapons, comment on weapons, watch videos on weapons. Remember this site is decicated to you and all of your weaponly needs. Suggestions questions or comments are all apreciated. Enjoy your stay here.

Empire of the Month: The British Empire 1490's - 1960's (New One Comming Soon)

Photo crop

There is a lot of disagreement about when the British empire started so I picked the middle date. Anyways the British created a bunch of weapons which will be displayed on the bottom later.

Simple crop (panoramic)
Simple crop (panoramic)

This is a Claymore a two-handed sword used durning Britian's early days(1400-1700). Invented in Scotland and used in clan fights and border against the English. Scotland was a part of the British Empire later on and that's why I have placed this weapon here. In fact a modified version of the Claymore was used in WWII although it's use was limited. It weighed between 5-6 lbs lenght ranged from 47-55 in. and was 39-45 in. in height.(Note this weapon was used by the Scottish Highlanders)

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